Sunday 20 December 2015

New Pick & New Announcement

I know everyone is waiting to read about a new stock on the blog.

Now i will share a new stock on our blog this Tuesday at 3:20 PM
during market hours (i.e. 22nd December 2015)

Not only that I also have one exciting announcement for you all readers.

There is a way we can work together. So let us explore that maybe?

Happy Investing & Happy Reading!


  1. Waiting for your announcement

  2. Hi,

    One thing I am noticing common in most of your picks is company is fundementally strong.Those companies which have good balance sheets.Company which are having less equity capital.I would like to thank you for noticing those companies and recommending it to retain investors.
    I have invested in some of your picks.Waterbase,Mindteck,Sunteck reality and Gujarat Auto. I sold Waterbase for 100 per profit and I am holding other three. Mindteck is doing very good.Sunteck yet to show profit so its share price at this point of time is quite justified. I am really not getting why Gujarat Auto is lagging even though it has everything good in their financials and company is showing reasonable profit.
    It will be helpful if you provide latest update on Gujarat Auto if you have any ?

    Shashiraj NK

  3. Suzloan buying back share @18.. seems that it is a dirty game against small investor. Wht is ur view dear pream Doshi sir.

  4. Excellent ace sir.... Eagerly waiting for the next pick.

  5. Waiting prem bhai...thank you for valuable recommendations and suggestions.

  6. camson bio technologies.. what's your view sir

  7. Sir can you tell me the future price target of camson seeds ltd. which will be listing on VSE next month.. please give the answer.. its my humble request to you sir

  8. Another UC ...will wait for a small correction..

  9. sir, any suggestions in ginni filaments ?