Saturday 12 December 2015

India-Japan sign pact for Bullet Train project

India & Japan have signed much awaited Bullet Train (HSR) deal starting with Mumbai-Ahmedabad route.
The project would be worth over 95,000 crores INR and Japanese PM has also promised co-operation for Make In India.

Disclosure: Personally invested in Omax Autos.

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  1. From Monday upper circuits start in Omax Auto.

    OMAX AUTO is having latest technology to build world-class Railway infrastructure, The complete coach building solution offered by Omax is ideal for High-speed Rail aka Bullet Train.

    Omax Auto is also turning around financially and available at cheap valuations, There can possibly be major Rally in Omax Auto due to Bullet Train announcement.

    Omax Auto owner is Mr. Jatender Mehta (Gujju, hope you understand what i mean)

  2. Dear Ace,
    Thanks for great news. I think now it will go continue upper circuits. can you tell other benefited share of this deal

    Pawan Gupta

  3. Wohhooo this is big positive for omax auto, good to grab on monday

  4. The company is more focused on auto compared to Railways.

    The Rly division is recently started and it will take time for them to establish them. There are better established players in Rly... Not much information on Rlys by the company.

    Ace, Do you think Richa Inds (your old reco) infact might be better beneficiary than Omax?


    1. I have invested a fresh in Omax, i cannot discuss why i have.

  5. Hi, is this the same stock you were going to post on the 17th or should we expect a new stock ?

    Thanks for the post and recommendations !

    Cheers !

  6. Sir, Many thanks for your brilliant updates. I was quite impressed with the fact that Railway signalling work on DFCC, Texmaco is a partner to Hitachi. Think speaks highly of the management ability to qualify for technology transfer with Japanese Corporates.

    Your views will be highly appreciated. Good Luck and best wishes.

    Merry X'Mas

    1. Texmaco aquisition of Kalindee very timely !!! And probably reflects the merger ratio.