Friday 7 August 2015


Pincon Spirit Ltd posted on the blog at 115.50 on 16th May 2015, Currently trading around 169.
Company has announced June 2015 quarter numbers as follows.
As seen above: The numbers are great. If they give stable and similar results minus any growth for all next three quarters the annual revenue will stand at 920 crores and EPS will be 22.64.

The stock has recently rallied from around 99 to trade at around 160 plus. The company has been giving advertisements on CNBC and a lot of other english channels for its brand Pincon XXX drink and also Pincon Soda. Ranbir Kapoor's cousin brother Armaan Jain is the face of the campaign.

Pincon is currently trading under 10 p/e against its full year earnings for 2015. However, All other spirit companies are trading at much higher valuations.

I think the rally will continue in Pincon and so its a hold for me.

NGL Fine-Chem Ltd. posted on the blog at 71 on 20th November 2014, Currently trading around 225.
 Company has announced June 2015 quarter numbers as follows.
As seen above: The numbers are stable. If they continue to be stable the annual eps for FY16 would be around 18.44 and 20 times valuation will have the stock trading around 370.

As already given update on 6th July (Post) We had booked partial profits already around 200 and now holding only 50% or free shares. So this is now a good stock to be kept in your portfolio for long-term for further multiplication.

Talwalkars posted on the blog at 310 on 20th June 2015, Currently trading around 300.
 Company has announced June 2015 quarter numbers as follows.

As seen above: The numbers are stable. As this is almost a seasonal type of business March is the good quarter on back of New Year Resolutions and September(next) quarter is their best on back of the annual august offer. This time the company is going to go very aggressive in their august offer and are targeting large number of subscription.

As TALWALKARS is the only listed company in its sector and also the sector leader with a good brand-recall i don't think it will hover for long around 19 p/e which it is trading around right now. All brand businesses trade at a premium and being a sector-leader and a lone listed player is another re-rating factor.

I expect multiplication in Talwalkars, In their quarterly update too company has highlighted that it is the only listed player and the sector leader to grab investor eyeballs. Upcoming fitness chain partnership with David Lloyd is also going to be exciting. Strong Buy and Hold on Talwalkars for me.

   Skm Egg Products Export (India) Ltd posted on the blog at 47.90 on 15th October 2014.
Currently trading around 140.
Company has announced quarterly results as follows.

As seen above: The quarterly results are decent and at par with market expectations. Going forward new export markets will open up new avenues of growth for SKM which happened in the case of Avanti Feeds too, I am hopeful that soon it will successfully tap new markets and deliver robust performance.

Good stock to hold in the portfolio.

Due to travelling and other commitments not able to reply to all queries and also not able to update about quarterly result for all scrips instantly. Sorry for the delay and keep reading! :)


  1. Thank you Sir, Giving these Gems to us

  2. Dear Ace,
    I really appreciate your comments and updates on the results and positions.
    Keep going on..

  3. Grt Calls from Grt Person :)

  4. Sir Whats your Views on VISAGAR POLYTEX ( VIVIDHA )...........Shall i enter in current level....Please suggest me .............

  5. Dear Sir,
    May I ask when Palred will likely be listed?

    Thanks :)

  6. Dear Sir,
    I would like to request you to analyze stock called Sunil hitech engg.They have posted good results and management is confident of doubling revenue in next three years. Would like your comments as it is difficult for retail investor to analyze infra company from financial performance point of view .

  7. Ur view on Subex, is it really turnaround company?

  8. Hello sir
    Is this like 2000/2007 bubble in midcap/small??
    Evry stock going up and up..

  9. Sir Whats your Views on VISAGAR POLYTEX ( VIVIDHA )...........Shall i enter in current level....Please suggest me .............

  10. Advice on dynamic products. . Buy @66

  11. I invested in Pincon after ur recommendation @ 102/-...still holding...plz also give exit call at right time ! thanks.

  12. Hi Ace, you are an awesome guy.. Your prediction and analysis about stocks really make flourishing cheers on many of the investors faces..and giving goosebumps at the time of reading the analysis the way you have researched... Really .. really.. god bless you and your family for lightening brightness in others life.. Your picks Vidhi, Waterbase clicked well and zooming like rockets towards new highs. thank you again.. Richa and Dynamic are still struggling to take off.. I know they will for sure... Need your advice on averaging Richa and Dynamic (current value 31.9 & 59 resp'ly). Also I need advice on Parnax Lab. Can I enter at this level(~39). As I told you earlier, I am glued with one bad stock (HFCL) with huge loss (~7L). If you advice on the above three stocks, I will exit from that junk and enter into these.. Please reply.. waiting for your words... Appreciate your sincere efforts and time.. You are WONDERFUL.

    1. Richa posted excellent results today....accumulate as much as you's a gem as said by ace.

  13. Hi, ur view on Jasch industries and Genus Paper and board?

  14. sir,

    your view on odyssey technologies and next mediaworks

  15. Advice on pennar ind & subex? ?
    Heavy loss in this

  16. Hi ACE,
    Gujarat Automotive is not giving good result. Do you still think it is worth keeping. No announcement from management regarding merger or about bad result. Also are you still in Dynemic or exited.

  17. Parnax lab posted disappointing result. What's call for now? .Sales & profits both are disappointed.

  18. sir ,
    your view on latest results of GAGL...why so pathetic result by company...i am stuck in the script.

  19. hello sir... any views on commex tech????

  20. Hi Sir. Have gained a lot in Pincon. I have booked and holding 50% free shares now. Thanks. My query is for Richa, even after good results its at same levels. Can it be averaged. It is now 20% of my portfolio.

  21. Sir pincon spirit has declared bonus issue 1:1. I eanted to know if i buy pincon spirit now.. will i get benefitted from this bonus issue... ?
    Or only those investors will get who are invested since one year...