Monday 24 August 2015

Ghosts of 2008

Market had a landmark crash today and the 2008 ghosts are back to haunt.

I have been flooded with queries like is it going to be another 2008 coming up? Honestly i feel the answer is NO.

When market rallies the market voices instantly turn bullish and when it crashes like it crashed today everyone panics and starts the 2008 crash talks while some even claim to have inside news about it.

I think investors and traders should now show maturity and stop believing everytime that the best or the worst is going to happen.

At this stage, Weak hearted should go for an holiday and the rest can do some shopping.

Note: Lot of discussed companies have declared their results but i haven't updated about them as i am traveling, Apologies for the same. Look forward to be very regular from September 1st week and hopefully a new stock is coming up too!


  1. Thank u aceinvestor for your timely message. It is the need of the hour. You have just posted your guidance which the investors were looking from you. Great service.

  2. Great. Hopefully, in such markets, we will be able to buy the new idea comfortably.

  3. sir what is ur view on GAGL results...there revenue and profit have gone down sharply ...i am stuck in the script at 300??

  4. Hello Ace sir
    When will palred technologies relisted in BSE?
    Thank you

    1. I don't know, waiting for update from the company.

  5. sir, what is your idea about stamped capital ???

  6. sir ,share market day by day change great hopefully in such markets , we will be able to creat the new idea comfortable .