Wednesday 18 December 2019

Techno Funda - We Are Back

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Dear Readers,
I have been writing this blog since 2014.
Have shared a lot of stocks, Many turned out to be huge multibaggers while many turned out to be duds.
This blog has largely been focused on Value Investing but since 2018 we haven't had a lot of value emerge in stocks hence the blog has stayed muted.
Since a lot of value is not on the table I feel its a good time to start updating the blog with some quality techno-funda ideas and broader market views.
So to sum it up, The Ace Investor blog is back and now slightly more adaptive as we will be using a mix of both basics of Technicals & Fundamentals to pick stocks with stop loss, targets and time frames defined.
Hoping for your continued patronage,
The Ace Investor

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