Friday 29 June 2018

Guess This Stock 7

It is the series of "Guess This Stock", this is GTS 7. Try to identify the stock from the given clues and send the answers to my email id- The stock along with detailed summary and name of readers who guessed right will be announced on the blog this Sunday (1st July 2018).

1) Current Market Cap is under 2000 crores
2) Current Stock Price is under 1025.
3) Promoters Hold more than 45%.
4) FY18 Net Profit Margin is in double digits
5) FY18 Sales growth in double digit YOY
6) Company is listed on both NSE & BSE.
7) P/E is under 30.

Email your answers on Right answer with a write-up along with your name will be posted on the blog on 1st July 2018, Sunday afternoon.

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