Wednesday 22 November 2017


Dear Friends,
This blog was started on 15th October 2014.
The blog has completed 3 years now.
I thought this was a good time to check how things have fared since beginning of time.

So here is the latest review of everything that has been posted on the blog.

Total of 51 stocks have been posted on the blog so far.
Average returns at peak is 134.98% (Cumulatively all stocks rallied atleast 134.98% from blog post price)
Average returns at cmp is 71.13% (Cumulatively all stocks are still up by 71.13% from blog post price)

Top gains for a stock at peak was for NGL FINE-CHEM at 561.97% (Stock went from 71 to hit 470)
Top loss for a stock at cmp is Commex Technology at -81.7% (Stock went from 3.82 to 0.50, however in the blog post of Commex it was clearly mentioned that its a gamble)

Have always said, readers should book partial profits as per their comfort and try to get maximum gains in the long-term by holding FOC shares (Free Of Cost Shares) 
I hope readers are happy with the posts/write-ups on the blog. Keep reading!!

Thanks & Regards,
The Ace Investor
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  1. Indeed Awesome Job.. Thanks for your service

  2. Thank you for your guidance and sharing the knowledge through this blog

  3. Excellent and realistic posts by you always. You are very honest and brave to admit your failure. Your picks are really doing well.
    Thanks once again

  4. Great work sir!! Sir your views about Richa Industries now? Can we add at these levels?