Tuesday 29 August 2017

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

I started writing this blog back in October 2014.

In the last three years, most of the stocks that I have penned down here have performed exceptionally well. There have been stocks that doubled,tripled,quadrupled and more in no time while there are many that have not performed. Also there are many which went totally contrary to my expectations.

A review in Feb 2017 of the stocks discussed on the blog showed the performance: http://theaceinvestor.blogspot.in/2017/02/review-since-beginning-of-time.html

It has been great to pen down my understanding of the stocks on the blog. I really appreciate the kind of love and support my readers have provided. There were times when I felt like putting my blogging to an end because of the negative comments and all the trolling, But due to your support I stayed on.

To talk about the markets now, Markets work in phases and we need to adapt to it to make money.
I remember back in 2010, I was actively trading in Stock Futures.
2010-2013 was a golden period for trading in stocks that were part of F&O segment.
2014-2016 was a complete stock pickers market, Midcap and small cap investors made crazy money.
Off late now in 2017, Scouting for Multibaggers and Value Picks has become difficult for value investors.
Right now we are again in a phase when F&O Stocks are providing great movements to trade.
Prime reason for this has been that we don't have much value on offer in the mid & small caps space.
But this doesn't mean we should forget value investing right now, Infact to zero in on a value stock right now we need to study it better and that improves the chances of favorable results.

So readers, expect high activity on the blog again.
Will be scouting harder for value stocks and start posting some new ones on the blog soon.
At the same time we look to actively trade in the Top 500 stocks including the names that are in F&O to make the most of the current phase of market. Wait for an announcement regarding the same.

Hoping for your continued support,
Thanks & Regards,


  1. Dear Prem. Continue guiding all :-) Great picks.. All the very best :-) Together with knowledge sharing and learning, we always win in long term..

  2. Prem Bhai.. eagerly waiting for your next pick

  3. Dear Prem,.. it will interesting for me in F&O stocks... still i feel afraid to touch derivatives. Yes I have option to buy in cash markets.

    I am sure i am growing with you...

  4. Good to know that Ace is back in another avatar :):)
    All the best..

  5. Sir we need 2-3 years back Prem. In last one year u lost ur credibility after recommending run up stocks which fell immediately after ur recommendation. Hope u gain ur credibility with good work again.

    1. so, you want 100% hit .Please remember in an equity market even if 70% of the stocks recommended are successful ,that itself is a great achievement . There are so many factors which affect the market and the stocks and finally the perception of the investors towards the stock . Those are beyond anybody's control .There is nothing like good work or bad work. Mr prem has been doing a wonderful analysis and sometimes it takes a lot of time to get translated in to the stock price .Patience is the name of the game .If you know the technical analysis the stock prices does not always move in one direction and every rise is followed by a correction which is healthy for the stock . Patience is the name of the game in stock market .

  6. Hats Off. Well done. Appreciate your hard work.

  7. Thanks buddy.. keep up the hard & quality work.

  8. Dont lose hope.. Keep doing the good work..

  9. A elephant won't stop his journey or change his route if some dogs barks on the street

    U r an elephant....carry on ur journey

  10. Hello Sir,

    do you think we can enter in Snowman Logistics at CMP?