Saturday 26 November 2016

Let's do something this weekend.

We may be doing many things for the society but will never get an opportunity to be able to be a part of building a hospital... As they say. "Health is the greatest gift".

I urge the readers, If you have enjoyed reading the blog and want to return something, Please come forward and help
us raise funds for this much needed cause.

It doesn't matter if its big or small but we really need your support.

The organization (Shrimad Raj Chandra Love & Care) needs our support to build a Hospital in the rural belt of Gujarat.

Here is a indication of how your contribution can be put to use:-

Rs. 2,500/- An artificial limb for the physically challenged

Rs. 5,000/- A minor surgery

Rs. 10,000/- Safe motherhood for a less privileged woman

Rs. 15,000/- Intensive care treatment for a critically ill new born baby

Rs. 15,000/- Outreach medical care for a day.

Rs. 50,000/- A hospital bed for a month.

Here is the Ketto page guys do contribute and share with all your friends:


  1. Keep up the good work Ace.

  2. My contri for a limb will be done this week. Hope to do 100 soon.

  3. Hi, I just saw in your blog regarding the fund raising for a hospital involved in charitable purpose. I will send my contribution this week . you are doing a great job by sharing your knowledge and involving in charity is even great . My best wishes to you.