Monday 1 August 2016

Time to be cautious

Nifty is trading at almost 24 p/e, S&P 500 (US) is trading at near 24 p/e too.

We have events like USA Presidential Elections coming up, Donald Trump not liked much by market.

We are not under valued at current valuations and markets do come back to undervalued territory.

While experts are going berserk with SENSEX 1,00,000 by 2020 views on the street I think investors should adopt a cautious approach right now and buy only really undervalued stuff rather than investing in risky companies, I am not saying time to Panic Sell but just be cautious because it is better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Oh!! How much loss today? Now a days manipulation not happening right? Where 24 PE? Are you calculated? What is the EPs? Don't over smart, nifty don't fall bellow 8300 level before 9100 break, save this message and don't publish it.if you published what balance credibility you have also lose.

    1. Hey Anonymous, be anonymous only. You do not have an identity, so please refrain from these predictions.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Please look into the below script and let us know
    Lycos internet,

    Mar.Cap - 600 crores
    Sales FY15-16 - 2200 crores
    PAT FY15-16 -410 crores
    EPS of 8.5 rs
    Debt :80 crores

    Please let us know whether to buy this script, very undervalued script

    1. Or is it another Ricoh India in the making? Numbers are too good for the downward spiral this script has shown in the recent months.

  3. Hi Sir , As always thanks for ur update . Some people don't have enough guts to come with Identity. Zero value for them . When people make money based on the calls , they act like giving too much respect . If things slow down , they just talk like this. Tank u as always for ur continous support

  4. Thanks for the timely suggestion sir.

  5. The person who does not have fundamental analysis trick better don't register your comments here. Whatever the suggestions is posted here, Its really happening. I appreciate your view and suggestions always and looking for your next buy calls.
    Thank you so much ACE sir.