Friday 15 July 2016

Can You Guess This Stock? Weekend Exercise

Guess This Stock ::

1) Consecutive annual topline growth since last 10 years.

2) Current price of the stock is under 190.

3) GST beneficial for the sector.

4) Bollywood super-star has had association with the company for endorsement.

5) Company has consistently paid dividend for more than last 10 years.

6) P/E of majority of the companies in this sector is atleast double than subject company.

7) Stock has corrected more than 10% in Calendar Year 2016.

8) Current Market Cap under 2000 crores.

9) This particular company might be avoided by readers from minority community in India.

10) Aur CLUES nahi milenge!

11) Told ya, No more clues!

Email your answers on Right answer with a write-up along with your name will be posted on the blog.

15th July 2016 - 2:00 PM.