Friday 10 June 2016

Can You Guess This Stock? Weekend Exercise

Guess This Stock ::

1) 10 Year Breakout on the chart (Image above)

2) Price under 200.

3) Today Closed in Green along with peers.

4) Latest quarter sales is more than Current Market Cap (FULL)

5) Net Profit in double digits

6) Current price is within 30% up or down of the Book Value

7) P/E is under 15.

Email your answers on Right answer with a small write-up along with your name will be posted on the blog.

The chart image, is updated till 9th June 2016.


  1. I've cracked the quiz. Mailing you

  2. DCM sriram industries

  3. i think it is andhra sugars

  4. Very difficult to search based on very limited info. Can you advise the industry?

  5. This Stock looks like Hindalco