Tuesday 22 March 2016

Suggestions For The Blog

Dear Readers,

To improve the blog i am keen to have your suggestions.

Suggestions which will make this blog more useful for investors.

Please email your suggestions on theaceinvestor@gmail.com.

I am also looking for co-authors who can contribute to the blog in a meaningful way.

Kindly send your profile too and how can you contribute to the blog.

All The Best!!!


  1. Hi Sir
    First of all thank you for all your recommendation which you are providing free of cost and second please provide some information about your analysis to pick the right stocks

  2. Premji, why no mention about losses and past performance of AMD in ur write up, also why only one reason of crude given for investment into this sales reducing (2 qrtrs) reporting scrip. There is no real research nowadays with ur picks nor any mention of ur management meeting and discussions or forward expectations, one of the worst write up about a scrip from you after having good picks earlier before

  3. The price has gone up in last two weeks. After reco, there is huge selling volumes witnessed. This pick is some what not tempting prem.

  4. Thanks Prem for valuable post.
    Seeing that already demand zone for AMD is created and in next 2-3 trading sessions I am expecting that price of stock will fall..
    Let me know what you think.

  5. Ace please continue your 3:20 system for giving new stock i dont know why due to reader suggestion you changed because as you gave at 2:30 pm there was huge intraday volume probably by professional traders who jacked it up and down.

    Till date your calls never had intraday volumes,please correct or best post after market without announcing in prior.

  6. What happened to AMD Indutries....Its falling only .

  7. whats wrong with AMD Industries

    1. I didn't find anything wrong with the company, our timing might have been wrong but the fall has been huge, regret this one... Hope it performs well once the numbers are out.

  8. No Regret Prem Ji, becouse we are here from our own wish......

  9. b n rathi securities bse code 523019 last yr dividend 1.5 and right issue 1:1 what is your view

  10. sir.
    what is yr view abt moschip semiconductors ltd

  11. dear sir plz analyze polaris consultant ltd within 2 months it will be 415 rs from rs 183 today5th april 2016 1 pm

    what is yr view. im suggesting u yr next value pick will be only polaris consultant ltd
    thanks a lot

  12. Sir what is your view on sail & bhel for long term investment