Friday 30 October 2015

UPDATE: Mindteck Ltd

MindTeck LTD
Mindteck Ltd. posted on the blog at 67 on 3rd December 2014.
The stock has rallied to 130+ today and up 94% in around 11 months.
In my blog post i had written about expecting the stock to hit Rs 150 in the mid-term and MindTeck has almost reached there now, With the special circuit filters by BSE the upside will be capped in Mindteck.
At current price of around 130 Mindteck still has some upside potential left but now i guess it's the right time to book partial profits/book invested capital or even book out entirely in Mindteck and some investors who still want to hold for long-term should hold only the free shares.


  1. Thank you Ace Investor for the guidance at right time!
    Hope to get similar reco from you in near future and also waiting for the Diwali Reco...

  2. Ace sir why no updates on quarterly results? Waterbase came out

    1. I have decided not to post quarterly results updates, You know why?
      Real wealth will not be made by taking a entry or exit looking at only Quarterly results.

      I give u one example: Page Industries December 2012 and March 2012 two consecutive quarters were showing no growth and declining Profit.. On announcement of 2012 Dec quarter nos price was around 3000 and on 2012 March result announcement the price was around 3500.

      Imagine value investors who bought Page Industries got out after looking at quarterly performance at 3000-3500 rs per share and the price soared to almost 17,000 in less than three years... What was the use of looking at Quarterly Results? Unless anything significant is noted we should give business of a company its time to mature and grow.

  3. Thanks prem doshi this was a great call, made lot of money in it will not employ the capital on camphor talwalkar and pincon spirit.. the three counters i liked the most among all your stocks.

  4. Hello Sir please give your view on Nilkamal at current market price. I am holding it from 400 levels and till august it had decent run & touched 1100 but now seems its topped out and is just consolidating. what are the future prospects for Nilkamal

  5. Thanks Sir for the advice.

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