Thursday 14 May 2015


It is the series of "Guess This Stock", this is GTS 3. Try to identify the stock from the given clues and send the answers to my email id- The stock along with detailed summary and name of the winners will be announced on the blog this Saturday (16th May 2015).

#1 - The company is listed on one of the two prominent stock exchanges.

#2 - The market capitalization of the company is under 1000 crore.

#3 - Some readers might be forbidden from investment in this sector as per their religion.

#4 - The company had reported sales of more than 40 crores in FY14.

#5 - The company is not a loss making one.

#6 - The company's registered office is located either in southern or eastern India.

#7 - The company got listed on the stock exchange after 2010. 

#8 - Till Dec14 quarter so far in FY15 the company has already crossed its FY14 top line.

#9 - Till Dec14 quarter so far in FY15 the company has already crossed its FY14 bottom-line.

#10 - The current price of the stock is more than 10 and less than 300.

I think the above clues are sufficient to guess this stock, Let us see how many of you can do it.

I hope this GTS will help test the research capabilities of all readers and also make them do proper due diligence before entering the stock.

Do not expect confirmations on whether the guess is right or wrong and it will be good if the answer is not revealed on any web portal.


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  2. Tilaknagar Ind. I guess?

    1. Its not Tilaknagar IND.. but you are in right direction bro... search more...... its an awesome script with huge potential.....

    2. for sure it is man industries

  3. any views about parnax lab after promotor bought 20,000 shares on May 6?

  4. Grauer and Weil

  5. Palred Results Update:
    Palred consolidated results out: 7.05 Crores Sales, Net Profit 1.25 Crore. Margin at 17.73%, good results.... Hope the company grows now!

    Meanwhile another announcement made by Palred says: carries more than 1000 different types of cables, 3,000 different designs for mobile &
    tablet cases, 50 different models of power banks in its own warehouse/store that they operate from
    Hyderabad. The “experience” of shopping on a vertical specific store provides the customers a
    wider range of products with user friendly interface to browse through a range of product with
    dedicated customer support. is emerging as the largest player in India in terms of
    online e-commerce business for tech product accessories.

    “ is all set to re-define the e-commerce business model in India. As a practice we sell
    from our own store and inventory to ensure customer satisfaction. We assure timely delivery and
    maintain high quality standards in our design, contract manufacturing and offer warranty and even
    replacement for products purchased from our site. So far, we have seen less than 2% refunds &
    replacements. ”

    Adding to this Mr. Palem Srikanth Reddy, Managing Director of Palred Technologies Limited
    said, “ brings to the consumers the widest variety of PC, Laptops, Mobile phone
    accessories and digital cables with assured quality and prompt delivery on one of the fastest portals
    available in the e-commerce space. It is our endeavour to delight the customer with our quality,
    technology and service by leveraging our expertise in innovative supply chain management and
    technology. In the coming months we plan to introduce innovative solutions and increase our reach
    across the country. We plan to enhance our offerings and will be building new warehouse to meet
    the increasing demand. We aim to reduce the delivery time from 3 working days to 2 working days,
    from the time the order is placed. We are confident that will revolutionise the ecommerce
    space by its specific offerings and product portfolio.”

    The company employs over 100 staff in Hyderabad, under full time / direct employment. It
    operates with a 12,000 sq ft. facility for store/warehouse. LatestOne holds a share capital of almost
    INR 16 Crores.

  6. It is Pincon Spirit !! Hurrrahhhh...........