Thursday 19 February 2015


  YBRANT DIGITAL recommended on 15th October @ 53
Please exit from Ybrant Digital at current market price of Rs 28 (Loss of  47%)

I think it is good to exit now since stock has not shown any sign of recovery and lot of rumors are sent on MMB on a daily basis.

Will re-enter as and when things settle down.

Note: We will update fresh value pick today at 3:20: PM 

Update::: Please note: i am not aware of any fundamental change in Lycos Internet Ltd, I exited the stock due to the breakdown in stock which can surely be based on only rumors which have no susbstance.

Please do not speculate about Ybrant Digital Ltd: The company is fundamentally sound as per data available in public domain, Only the stock is not showing it in the price. 


  1. ACE Sir, just saw your update, but I guess a bit too late. Went below 30 now. Its nice of you to look out for our interests. Please do share what caused this mayhem, when you can. Sad that good performing Companies fail just because of Corporate governance.

    1. Rather than corporate governance if i would correctly state the misuse of social media networks like MMB to punish and create rumors in a stock has caused the downfall, And it is not very comforting to see all this going on as a shareholder, So i took an exit from the stock.

      Nobody likes booking losses but it is a fact that booking losses is important when your decisions are not going right to save your capital.

    2. I guess your are making a mistake.The company performs well,has good quarterly result and the client base is strong. why you quit? shouldn't be the other way for a long term investor, buying at dips

    3. will buy again when it settles down... this time with more conviction :)

  2. IF you think there is no change in Fundamental of The Stock , then Still we can hold for long Term . I can not check price daily for the Stock not interested even to do so , I believe The best way is Stock market is hold good fundamental companies and Just "DO NOTHING " . Let MMB post what ever they want . What you suggest ?

  3. Can i enter in ybrant at this lavel?

  4. Why you are saying to sell if it came down only because of rumors and not any reality. If it is only due to rumors is it a good buy rather than sell. ?