Wednesday 15 October 2014


About The Company

Prime Property Development Corporation Ltd. specializes in high-end urban properties having projects located mainly in the Western suburbs of Mumbai, from Bandra to Goregaon. The Company’s property development is broadly classified into categories comprising residential apartments, celebrity houses, commercial properties and malls. 

The Ace Investor - Value Pick

(BSE CODE: 530695) Currently the stock is trading at 23.50 while book value of the company is 40.55, Current P/E at 4.06 while Industry Average P/E is 21.55, The stock is available at cheap valuations and right from 2007 the company has paid regular dividends, When you look at the result it might look fishy but in reality there are periods of no activity that's why sometimes there isn't much in the sales and profit front, With the recently concluded buy back the promoter stake in the company has jumped to 71.47% which sure is a good indication.

Investors should buy this stock for a target of Rs 65+ which we expect it should easily achieve within 1 or 2 years.

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  1. Sir do you have any opinion on Prime Property after its results this month? Thank you