Thursday, 3 August 2017

UPDATE: The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd

TMRVL (The Mandhana Retail Ventures Ltd) posted on the blog at 193 on 19th May 2017.

THE MANDHANA RETAIL VENTURES LTD: CMP 150, Exiting and Booking Loss seems to be the best option in front of us right now, since the company will soon announce quarterly results the june quarter and if the company repeats the trend of march quarter losses. It will be hard to sell TMRVL even at double digits.
At 150 we book a loss of 22%.


  1. Sir,
    I am against it.As a stock market investor we need to take a little bit of more risk.I would rather loose 100% in TMRVL than later repent. Anyway i am not gonna judge a company by its single quarter result.

    And yes hw are u what about your injuries?

  2. Gentleman, why did you recommend this stock ia a real puzzle. Did you know the background of the promoters? and Did you do your home work on the fundamentals?

    1. It was more of a value trading bet, I was expecting it to have sentimental impact with the release of Tubelight plus new tie up announcements were expected. Why the company reported loss I don't really have a clue about that neither did any clarification come. It is not possible to get 110% corporate governance in all stocks, everyone buys some companies which do not offer the best of the management quality. And if you had done the homework please feel free to post it and inform us.

  3. Sir
    Pls let us know about ineos should hold or exit?

  4. I follow many blogs, not one of them has publicly asked to book a loss. It takes guts and killing ego to do that. Respect and appreciated !!