Monday 25 July 2016

Paper Sector up next

In market cycles it is often seen that the four dogs of market: Sugar, Fertilizer, Drilling/Offshore/Shipping, Paper move one after another or altogether and the Paper would be the last in the cycle which would mean short/mid term bullishness of market is over (what is technically called a TOP).
Sugar up tick has been done, Fertilizer somewhat moved, Drilling/Offshore started today, Paper seems to have started now.
In paper, valuation wise cheap names look like: Star Paper, Kuantum Paper(BSE), Nirvikara (not profitable but dirt cheap mcap, Damani ji invested).

The run in paper will not be as much as Sugar at all and should be capped at about 20-40% returns from CMP at max.


  1. What's your view on. Tea sector??
    Any good stock in tea sector you like?

  2. Sir, today Star Paper -> Rs 9.95 up, Kuantum Paper -> Rs 25.95 up, Nirvikara -> Rs 7.30 up. I missed out this rally. Please let me know the target prices of these stocks. Shall we invest now?

  3. Sir,
    Is there any way to get your recommendations at realtime over SMS/Whatsapp? I could see today's recos. now when all are 20% up.

  4. u mean better be cautious ? thanks

  5. Sir is it good to buy ugar sugar now, at this price 66 rs.?

  6. awaiting reply to my earlier query

  7. Replies
    1. The year high/low ratio is greater than 2 for this Genus Paper. I don't think this is a buy bet.

  8. What is your current view on Indian terrain fashions

  9. The suggested stocks has fallen in recent days. So does it mean the rally over or just a short term blip?

  10. Missed out u r recommadations. Howz west coast paper and orient papre?